Objectives P1
• Systems checks
• Testing of new components, including KERS, the DRS and a new front wing

Objectives P2
• Continuation of P1 work
• Tyre evaluations

Sam Michael, Technical Director
That was a productive first day’s practice. We successfully worked through our programme, which included running all day with revised KERS components, testing aero modifications and a new front wing on Rubens’ car. Everything worked as expected. Interestingly, tyre degradation is currently looking better here than it was when we were testing.

Rubens Barrichello
That was quite a straight forward day. We were able to run KERS throughout, which is only the second time that I’ve had it on the car. I think we showed some competitiveness today but we need to do some work to keep it up. I enjoyed my Friday so I’m looking forward to a good weekend.

Pastor Maldonado
It was a bit difficult this morning because I didn’t know the track and so I spent most of the session just getting to grips with it. It was also quite slippery. This afternoon, we concentrated on long runs and were happy with the performance of the car. As we were good on the long runs, I think I can improve a lot tomorrow in terms of timed laps. I’m confident going into the rest of the weekend.

For the duration of the Australian Grand Prix weekend, AT&T Williams is running two messages on its race cars in light of recent events in Japan. On the left SIS vane, the message reads ‘In support of Japan,’ while the right reads ‘Support each other, believe in the future and move forward together.’ The vanes also carry a crane, or ‘Senbazuru.’ The crane is a holy symbol in Japan with legend suggesting that anyone who folds 1,000 origami cranes will be granted a wish, making them a popular gift for families and friends.