Today we offer you an interesting initiative. You can sponsor a Motorsport team for less money than you think! Just read this

First of all, let us tell you who we are. Our names are Leon Wightman and Adam Smith and we are currently putting together a package which could promote you company and lead to a partnership with a leading brand for the Mini Se7en Championship in the 2012 season.

As you know Minis are the most recognisable and most loved cars in the world, making them attractive to everyone from “petrol head” dads, down to the daughter who thinks they look cute!

The Mini Se7en championship is where everyone can see them racing.

The Championship

Now in its 45th season the Mini Se7en Challenge has been providing great racing at an affordable price. Much has changed since the first ever Formula Mini 7 race took place at Brands Hatch track July 1966 but the Mini Se7ens still provides great entertainment for driver and spectator alike.

Since 1991 the Se7ens have been using a modified 998cc A Series engine producing approximately 115BHP. The 650kg Mini can reach 60mph in 6.6 seconds, with a top speed of around 110mph. Running on treaded racing rubber the cars stick to the road like the proverbial go-kart!

This is the longest running single make series in the UK!

The car

Engine Modified 998cc A Series

BHP 115

0-60mph 6.6 seconds

Top Speed 110mph

Min Weight 650kg

Transmission4 speed

Tyres Treaded

Wheels5J x 10″ (Minilite)

FuelUL or super UL

What do YOU get from it??

Which other companies advertise in motorsport in your sector? None that I can think of! This is an ideal opportunity for you to get a new customer base and make your company stand out!

Not only does the Mini carnival travel up and down the country, but it also gets TV coverage for every round…….. every one aired to 400,000+ people!

The organisers of the Mini Se7en Championship have also confirmed that there is a great opportunity for team sponsors to have a road show/stand displaying their products and promotions in a prominent place at each round…this could be an ideal opportunity to promote your brand to young and old alike.

And, if you do not want to stand on the pit wall and see your car going around at close quarters. there is the opportunity at most rounds to hire corporate boxes to either entertain clients or reward that great employee!

I have also developed a Team Website which is updated regularly along with our own Facebook page for everyone to see, featuring our Team Sponsors’ branding on the site with links and many other promotional ideas sent. All this is sent to motorsport magazines, Mini magazines and local newspapers as well as to our sponsors.

Autosport (150,000 readers), Motorsport News, Mini Magazine, and Mini World each cover the series with full colour photos… How much would that cost to reach all those people with traditional advertising? …. To have a full colour advert in a single copy of a national newspaper can cost up to £30,000 and you are only exposed to the one editors readership.

With our proposal you will be obtaining a whole year’s advertising for a fraction of what traditional media advertising costs would be. You will be reaching thousands of people all over the country – and don’t forget your, sponsorship is tax deductable.

Our Mini could be used on your trade stand or at promotional events when it is not being raced, giving you opportunities for the car to attract people on to your stand, as well as offering many possibilities for competitions and generally raising your brand profile in a positive way.

Also for the 2012 season our cars are of the very few that will be made up into Dicast Corgi models and sold all over the UK so even more promotion.

For the 2012 season I am also compiling a monthly newsletter with results, and free adverts for our sponsors, for instance we are currently sponsored by Q8 Oils for our consumables, so there is a chance to get your name to other companies for free.


We have acquired another car for the 2012 season! This means you will get your branding on the only “team” car on the grid, two identical fully racing minis will have so much more impact than one, also Corgi may now be doing our team as a limited edition twin pack to be sold nationally!


As we are a new team to the championship, we are not unrealistic in our goals. For the first year we intend to be competitive and improve every time we get on to the track. We will be learning new tracks and getting to grips fine tuning our setup. In our second year we really want to start looking for podium finishes, knowing the tracks better, knowing the car better…and gaining knowledge. We have other team members with a wealth of knowledge, from ex Mini racers, to ex champions getting the best out of the car and us.

So how can you help?

We have invested our own time and money into this venture already and know how hard it is even to get this far, so here is a rough break down of a year’s expenditure.

Typical expenses per season

Tyres £2000

Engine / Gearbox maintenance £1500

Misc parts/repair £2000

Race fuel £300

Entry fees £2000

Mini Se7en membership £190

Testing £1000

Travel/Accommodation £2000

Total Season £12990

We are offering you the opportunity to work with us as a sponsor/partner in a number of ways.

We can tailor packages to suit any range of budget from a small bumper sticker to full car and driver branding for the whole season, we would be pleased to discuss the options available if you are interested.

We would like you to regard our offer as a chance to work with us as a partnership. We want to support you as much as you would support us!

Thank you for your time – we look forward to hearing from you

Yours sincerely

Adam & Leon

Who are we??

Adam Smith


28 Grenville Way, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3YN

07919 535 868

A 31 year old graphic designer and photographer living in Oxfordshire with a passion for motorsport and always has a smile… That about sums Adam Smith up, but maybe it’s a little brief so I will tell you more!

With hobbies like snowboarding, music, travel, and mountain biking I am an active person always looking for a new challenge, and this led me to start Radio Controlled Car Racing at a young age. Over time I have worked my way up to being a fully sponsored driver travelling nationwide to compete against some of the world’s best. I now represent a company in Hong Kong who make Speed Controls and I am the sole UK team driver and face of the company. This entails helping to develop all their racing equipment including prototypes, but most importantly being well respected within the sport and helping others, whatever their ability.

I am also on the committee of my RC club and with a great team have helped it become one of the most popular clubs in the UK, racing weekly and running charity events. We have raised more than £1000 for one charity alone…

As my father used to build racing Go Karts as a young man, I have always been in and around motorsport, and this led to racing 100cc TKM Karts in the National Series when I was still at school. Unfortunately with study being my priority at the time I could not commit to racing as I wished so the dream was put on hold. That small taste of competitive motorsport was enough to make me never want to give up on getting into racing again… and with a wife gained, and a house purchased, now is the perfect time to pursue my dream.


1st 2006 – DMS Winter National 1st 2007 – Much More Winter Championship

1st 2008 – Much More Championship 1st 2010 – Mini GP

1st 2010 – Mini Endurance Team Event Won local championship 16 times

Leon Wightman


Unit 1a, Manor Business Centre, Stewkley, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 0HR

I am a very friendly, warm and approachable character who will often be seen with a smile upon his face.

I own and run a successful plumbing and heating firm, whilst also fulfilling my commitments as father to my 2 sons .

Throughout my life I have had many hobbies and interests which include fishing, golf and music, but my real passion is motorsport .

With a family history within the sport ( both my father and uncle raced Minis and Super Special Saloons in the 60’s,70’s & 80’s ) it will come as no surprise to hear that my first foray came at the tender age of 2 weeks old as pitcrew for my father at Silverstone ! However it was not until the age of 26 , when I raced a Formula Ford for the race team within the Star Of Midlands race championship, that the dream became reality.

Time out from the sport to start a family was an absolute necessity, but during this time however, my passion was ever present and channelled through kart racing and RC car racing ( I currently sit on the committee of my local club, and I take great pride in helping the young members learn their race craft ) .

It was inevitable that a return to full blown motorsport would always be a huge temptation and whilst restoring my classic mini to a track day spec car, a decision was made to race again.